The Versatility of Broths


As a suplement to our broth / stock page, we would like to share with you the many ways that this most versatile product can be used. We have already seen that it is a fairly simple process to make good, wholesome and nutritious broth without the fear of all those unwanted and dangerous chemical additives.

Broth, otherwise known as "stock" or "fond" in French, is the basic foundation for a great variety of classic dishes. Due to the slow cooking method utilized in the making of a good broth, most vitamins, minerals and nutrients are retained. There are even medical uses for a good broth.

Here are a few good examples :

1) For young children and older adults who experience problems digesting solid foods.
2) For those seeking to re-establish their health level after an illness or surgical procedure.
3) For mothers who are concerned about the quality of their breast milk, and to help restore strength levels following childbirth.
4) For recovering anorexics or bulemics needing the nutrition without the mass.
5) To help in establishing and maintaining a stable weight level.
6) For those with a high acicidity blood level.
7) For patients suffering from rheumatism and arthritis, a good vegetable broth.
8) Combined with enemas, broths are ideal for those practicing "juice fasting".
9) An excellent replacement for sweet juices as an infant's snack.

What Soup to make from broth

Vegetable : rice, minestrone, beans, lentils, barley as well as pasta instead of water.

Chicken : Same as vegetable, but also gumbo, mixed vegetables, noodle and tomato.

Tomato : minestrone, spinach, barley and noodle.

When you start out with a good base stock, the variables are almost endless. You don't have to be a chef to cook like one! Broths store extremely well in the deepfreeze for months. To thaw simply place in the soup pot and allow to melt at low heat.

Cold Soups : Using a vegetable or chicken or turkey broth as a base you can make; vichysoise, cucumber, gaspacho or even a cold tomato soup. Great for those hot summer days.

"Cream" Soup : To make a creamy soup without the dairy, follow this simple method. Blend the vegetable of your choice along with the broth of your choice to a creamy texture and just prior to serving plop a tablespoon of low/non fat yogurt in the middle of the bowl and swirl. This works well with potato, brocholi, cauliflower, celery and leek.

This is not to mention the large variety of bean and lentil soups that start out the same way ... a good broth! Try a lamb broth for a heartier taste. Dairy need not be a part of your cooking habits when you have everything you need in the form of broth.

When properly prepared a broth contains a very high level of nutritional value. Most health experts will tell you that the body should be more alkaline than acid, (four parts to one) and broths are one of the most efficient ways of elevating the body's alkaline level. They assimilate quickly and distribute their qualities evenly.

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